Current Opportunities

Freelance Editor

All That’s Interesting is the premier creator of fascinating content that is as substantive as it is shareworthy. From the untold story of Belgium’s genocide in the Congo to Pablo Escobar’s hippos that are now terrorizing the Colombian countryside, we create and curate content that sheds light on the most intriguing corners of our world and its history.

Currently, All That’s Interesting is seeking detail-oriented, search- and social-focused remote editors to help strengthen our content.

As a remote editor, you’ll be expected to shape content for SEO and sculpt for social media in addition to doing basic copy and line editing as well as fact-checking. Ideal candidates will have some training in best practices for search and social, along with basic photo editing skills and traditional editing competencies.

Experience with WordPress required and being based in New York a plus.

Remuneration starts at $27.5 an hour. To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and samples of work you’ve edited or written to [email protected].

Subject-Level Freelance Writers

All That’s Interesting is seeking topic-specific freelance writers to help strengthen our content. Writers with a proven track record in these subject areas should please apply and include their area in the subject line of their email:

World War II
Black history
American history
True crime
The paranormal

As a freelance writer, you’ll be expected to craft articles of 800 to 1,500 words in WordPress while also sourcing and adding images as well as doing some light sculpting for SEO and social media. Ideal candidates will have a history of publishing content within the specific content areas listed above, ample experience with WordPress, basic photo editing skills, and some knowledge of SEO.

Remuneration starts at $150 per post. To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, samples of your work, and two pitches within your subject area to [email protected].


All That’s Interesting is seeking freelance writers to help strengthen our content and share some of history’s most interesting stories.

As a contributor, you’ll be asked to create features and galleries that explore the depths of humanity’s past. We consistently receive 15 million visitors a month, so your work won’t get lost in the vastness that is the Internet. Instead, it will be viewed and shared by curious minds like yours.

WordPress and SEO experience strongly preferred. To apply, please send a resume, clips, brief statement on your interests, and the most fascinating content you’ve come across in the past week to [email protected].