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All That’s Interesting is a place for seekers. From the lesser-known byways of human history to the uncharted corners of today’s world, All That’s Interesting seeks out the stories that illuminate our past, present, and future.

Whether we’re digging into breaking stories or events that unfolded long ago, our commitment is to factual accuracy as well as underlying fairness. Both history books and news reports aren’t always framed with sensitivity to the many perspectives that inform the human experience. We seek to cut through entrenched narratives and see past pervasive biases in order to uncover the truth about the subjects we cover.

Who We Are

With a commitment to fairness and a mission to produce content that is free from outside influence, editorial independence is a cornerstone of our identity. From the moment that All That’s Interesting was launched in 2010 to the present day, we have maintained our independence as a privately-owned digital publisher tied to no external funders, political interests, or third-party commercial ventures.

For more than a decade, we’ve published stories informed solely by the perspectives of the people behind All That’s Interesting. This team of dedicated employees works out of our office in Brooklyn, New York, but hails from across the United States along with freelancers from around the globe. This diverse group remains committed to bringing stories that speak from a unique perspective that is all our own.


At a time when the spread of false information is rampant, accuracy must remain paramount for any publisher. At All That’s Interesting, we make sure to bake first-rate fact-checking into our processes at every level, from the small group of carefully-vetted writers we employ to the authoritative and often first-hand sources they use and cite, to the multiple rounds of editing that each post receives before being published.

But because true accuracy runs far deeper than fact-checking, we take great care in placing those facts within proper context while framing them with appropriate language. We want our readers not only to learn facts that are accurate but to understand the fundamental truth that those facts are attempting to convey.


All That’s Interesting may update posts after the original date and time of publication to include: additional information, corrections of any inaccurate information, relevant news updates on the subject, and higher-quality images and videos.

Updates may range from minor edits to significant overhauls, depending on what the post needs to be accurate, complete, and clear. Any post that is updated after publication will have an updated time stamp on the website next to the original publish date.

Suggestions for updates can be sent to: [email protected]


Posts with grammatical and spelling errors as well as factual errors and inaccuracies are corrected as promptly as possible. This includes not only incorrect information in the post, but also phrasing that misrepresents the story or the subjects involved as well as the exclusion of any important contextual information to the story.

Corrections may be made in the body of the post, the headline or subheadings, as well as photo and video captions. All That’s Interesting doesn’t unpublish stories due to errors or other quality-related issues, but we will take the responsibility of correcting work whenever it’s needed. In the case of major inaccuracies, we will add a note at the beginning of the post relaying the latest information to the reader.

Errors can be reported to: [email protected]


Plagiarism is unacceptable at All That’s Interesting. We demand that writers use their own words and come up with their own ideas when crafting a post. All contributors are required to consult a variety of authoritative sources for each post and not lean too heavily on any one source. These high-quality sources are reflected in the citation links that appear within the post itself.

While writers are permitted to consult past All That’s Interesting posts when writing a new story that covers a similar topic, they are not permitted to “self-plagiarize” by directly copying significant amounts of information from those older posts. Likewise, editors are expected to add any additional information or updates to a post in an original way. Anyone caught plagiarizing will face swift and severe disciplinary action, including but not limited to termination.