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All That’s Interesting is a place for seekers. From the lesser-known byways of human history to the uncharted corners of today’s world, All That’s Interesting seeks out stories that illuminate our past, present, and future.

Whether we’re digging into breaking stories or events that unfolded long ago, our commitment is to factual accuracy as well as underlying fairness. Both history books and news reports aren’t always framed with sensitivity to the many perspectives that inform the human experience. We seek to cut through entrenched narratives to uncover the truth about the subjects we cover.

Who We Are

With a commitment to fairness and a mission to produce content that is free from outside influence, editorial independence is a cornerstone of our identity. From the moment that All That’s Interesting was launched in 2010 to the present day, we have maintained our independence as a privately-owned digital publisher tied to no external funders, political interests, or third-party commercial ventures.

For more than a decade, we’ve published stories informed solely by the perspectives of the people behind All That’s Interesting. This team of dedicated employees works out of our office in Brooklyn, New York, but hails from across the United States along with freelancers from around the globe. This diverse group remains committed to bringing stories that speak from a unique perspective that is our own.