The Summer Of Nantucket’s Sublime Sea Serpent

Published May 26, 2016
Updated February 10, 2017

News travels fast in small towns — especially when it involves huge footprints of a rumored mythical creature.


A photo of the two giant footprints that appeared on the shores of a Nantucket beach in August 1937.

THE SLEEPY ISLAND OF NANTUCKET, MASSACHUSETTS is no stranger to reported sightings of slithering beasts.

As far back as 1817, a fisherman in nearby Gloucester insisted he saw a giant, turtle-shaped and horn-headed creature swimming about the chilly Atlantic waters. At the time, scientists thought that the creature might be Scoliophis atlanticus, or what was known as an Atlantic humped snake. Townspeople weren’t convinced, and sightings kept trickling in.

Monstrous Charleston Daily Mail

Museum of Hoaxes

In 1937, another fisherman, Bill Manville, claimed to have seen what he described as a monster that was over 100 feet long. In the words of the Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror, it was “a green sea monster — which reared its head several times off his starboard bow before turning seaward.”

People were quick to dismiss Manville’s claim, but it was backed up the next day by a fisherman (and non-drinker, which the paper pointed out) named Gilbert Manter. The next morning, Manter walked down to the beach in hopes of seeing the creature again. He did not.

But what he did see were some very large footprints — 66-inches long and 45-inches wide — almost certainly made by the marine monster.

Measuring Footprints

Everyone was abuzz with curiosity, and photos of the giant tracks were sent all the way to New York City, where experts seemed puzzled. In the words of Dr. W. Reid Blair, the head of the New York Zoological Society:

“No marine mammal could have left the tracks as they do not move so much on their flippers as they do on their second joint and on their bellies. Evidence of their passage would be seen on the beach only in a slight indentation. As for a land mammal, there is nothing on Nantucket Island that could leave such large tracks.”

Nantucket residents didn’t have to wait long for a glimpse of the fabled serpent; it washed ashore at South Beach – indeed over 100 feet in length, and with teeth as long as a man’s arm. It was also filled with air. The monster, you see, was really an inflatable balloon.

Nantucket Sea Serpent Open Mouth

Set Up

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