Four Deadly And Delectable Dishes

Published February 1, 2013
Updated September 1, 2017
Four Deadly Dishes Puffer 1

Source: Wikipedia

Puffer Fish

Four Deadly Dishes Puffer 2

Source: Wikipedia

Best known for being served either in soup or as sashimi, the puffer fish has the ability to outright kill the eater if it is improperly prepared. So dangerous is this fish that in Japan, it is the only food that the Emperor is not permitted to eat. Apparently, the small quantities of poison can numb the tongue and lips while giving the feeling of intoxication.

Four Deadly Dishes Puffer 3

African Bullfrog

While you’re not going to find this at your neighborhood diner, the African bullfrog is something of a delicacy in the areas of Africa where the frog thrives. The main problem in serving the bullfrog rests within the age it’s captured: a young frog that has yet to breed carries a toxin in its system that, when ingested, can cause kidney failure. While it is possible to be treated, if not addressed right away the poisonous bullfrog consumption could be fatal.

Four Deadly Dishes Bullfrog 1

Source: The Rad Zoo

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