Beyond The Bedroom: The Surprising History Of Prostitution Around The World

Published December 7, 2015
Updated July 18, 2017

The complex history of prostitution around the world reveals where and when prostitutes offered way more than sex. Perhaps the United States could learn a thing or two from these countries.

In the eyes of most, the modern sex worker is often reduced to being merely a victim of circumstance or a product of poor lifestyle choices. Yet these preconceived notions ignore the varied, complex history of prostitution around the world.

Across the centuries and the globe, there have been many places and times in which both prostitutes themselves and their relationship to society differ sharply from the typical modern, American perspective…

Hayley Virgil
Hayley Virgil is a writer, literature enthusiast, and adventurer. When she isn't out exploring for a story to capture, she can often be found hunched over her computer monitor in a dimly lit room.
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