The Six Most Fascinating Drinking Rituals Around the World

Published January 26, 2012
Updated September 18, 2014

The 6 O’clock Swill, Australia/New Zealand

Australian Drinking Ritual

During World War I, Australian and New Zealand bars started closing their doors at 6 PM to encourage men to spend time with their families. Naturally, the slang “6 o’clock swill” began to circulate as men would rush to get a drink after work before the bars closed. Needless to say, the closing time didn’t stick.

The Most Fascinating Drinking Rituals: Snapsvisa, Sweden

Swedish Drinking Rituals

Snapsvisa is a traditional drinking song that precedes bouts of drinking the spirit “snaps.” The songs generally glorify drinking.

The Most Fascinating Drinking Rituals: Gan Bei, China

Fascinating Drinking Rituals Gan Bei

In China, the drinking culture of Gan Bei is used to honor and respect guests. Translating as “empty the glass” in English, Gan Bei involves a series of toasts and shots with a large group of people.

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