The Five Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body

Published January 28, 2012
Updated August 22, 2017

From the flesh-eating bacteria to the uncontrollable urge to pull out all of your hair, a fascinating look at the weirdest diseases of the human body:

The Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body: Trichotillomania

Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is an unusual disease often triggered by stress, depression or a defective gene. People who suffer from this disease tend to pull out the hairs from their head, eyelashes, nose and even crotch.


Latah is a disease in which the sufferer falls into a trance and becomes completely unaware of their actions. People who suffer from this ailment are referred to as latahs and in their trance-state will mimic the speech and actions of those around them and obey all commands given to them.

Necrotizing Fasciitis

Weirdest Diseases Of The Human Body Flesh Eating Bacteria

Necrotizing Fasciitis is the disturbing ailment most commonly known as the flesh eating bacteria disease. Affecting the deepest layers of the skin, it is a rare disease that enters the skin via small cuts or bruises. As the name suggests, the infection eats through the flesh and causes skin to peel off. In extreme cases, the bacteria can cause complete loss of limbs and, if left untreated, even death.

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