The World’s Best Storm Chaser Photography

Published May 8, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014

The line between idiocy and passion is often blurred, and storm photography is perhaps most emblematic of that. These fearless photographers have gone above and beyond in their pursuit of the picture-perfect shot of thunderstorms. They travel miles, risking their lives, scouring sites and waiting patiently for the storm to swell. Here is some of the best storm chaser photography out there, along with a bit of background on the photographers behind them.

Craig Eccles

Australian Craig Eccles is a 42-year-old photography teacher in Perth, Western Australia who has recently come under the storm chaser photography spotlight for his timely and tantalizing thunder shots. He shared his stunning images with the Daily Mail, which showcase him traveling up to 300 miles across remote towns and abandoned landscapes for the picture-perfect moments.

Mike Hollingshead

Prolific storm chaser photographer Mike Hollingshead has been snapping storms since the late 90s. His staggering work comes at the cost of near-death experiences, 20,000 mile drives, and some bad experiences with Internet trolls mislabeling and misusing his images. But the power of his photography speaks volumes.
See more of his work on his website.

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