The World’s Best Storm Chaser Photography

Published May 8, 2014
Updated September 18, 2014

Camille Seaman

Storm Photography Seaman

Source: The Atlantic

This TED Talk senior fellow has been photographing storms for five years. Her stunning images capture the clouds as they swell and scatter, and were inspired by her grandfather, who instilled in her the belief that everything in this world is interconnected.

Storm Photography Camille Seaman Cloud

Source: The Atlantic

Storm Photography Camille Seaman Ted Image

Source: TED

Storm Photography Seaman Ted Rolling Clouds

Source: TED

Storm Photography Seaman Ted

Source: TED

Tim Samaras

Prominent engineer and tornado enthusiast, Tim Samaras was one of the best known storm chasers. Samaras’ passions for storms culminated in his design and construction of his own weather instruments that helped him gain scientific knowledge about the next big storm’s whereabouts. He was also an avid photographer and videographer, and captured brilliant storm chaser photography from within actual tornados, as well as images of convective storms and lightning. Unfortunately both Samaras and his son, Paul, passed away last year in pursuit of these storms.

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