Woman Who Killed Autistic Teen To Get Murder Off Her “Bucket List” Found Guilty

Published November 3, 2017

Lilley strangled the autistic teen with a wire until it broke, and then stabbed him with various blades until he died.

Woman Kills Autistc Teen

Facebook/Personal PhotoMurderer Jemma Lilley and her victim Aaron Pajich.

A British woman who strangled, stabbed, and buried the body of an autistic teenager in Western Australia says she did so to scratch murder off of her “bucket list.”

26-year-old Jemma Lilley, originally of Lincolnshire, UK, was convicted this Thursday of murdering autistic 18-year-old Aaron Pajich at her home in Perth, Australia June last year, reports Yahoo News.

Lilley, and her 43-year-old roommate Trudi Lenon, lured Pajich, who was a friend of one of Lenon’s sons, over to their home, where Lilley strangled the autistic teen with a wire until it broke. She then stabbed him with various blades until he died.

They buried the body in a shallow grave on their property and covered the site with concrete and tile.

Trudy Lenon

FacebookTrudy Lenon, 43.

Lilley said in court that murder was one of the items on her bucket list that she wanted to complete before she turned 25.

When she was younger, Lilley had written a novel about a fictional serial killer she named “SOS.”

In her communications with Lenon online, Lilley referred to herself as SOS, and the two talked extensively about their fantasies of torturing and murdering people.

Lilley’s stepmother, Nina Lilley, 48, said, “She had always had an obsession with serial killers but she said it was a way of venting her frustration of what happened when she was a child.”

She went on to say, “I always felt on edge with her. I always felt unnerved by her. I don’t think she did have empathy.”

Jemma Linney

FacebookJemma Linney, 26.

After the murder, Lilley testified she was “so full of herself and euphoric” that she couldn’t help but reveal that she had killed someone to her coworker at the supermarket she worked at.

She also left incriminating voice messages to Lenon, talking about how excited she was to be experiencing things “she had not felt before.”

Sharon Pajich, the mother of the victim, said of Aaron, “He was my precious little boy, he was my first-born…he was full of life.”

Aaron Pajich

Personal PhotoAaron Pajich, 18.

She continued to say, “They [the killers] deserve everything they get for what they’ve done, they’ve taken an innocent boy from his loved ones.”

The jury took less than three hours to come back with a guilty verdict for both women.

Lilley and Lenon will face sentencing hearings in February 2018.

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