Community Guidelines

TL;DR: No name-calling, no trolling, no saying we shouldn’t have written an article, no yelling “Fake news.” In short, be polite, not an ass.

Engage, don’t enrage.


  • Don’t engage in abusive or personal attacks against other community members. It’s ok to disagree with someone, but it is definitely not ok to call other members names.
  • Don’t post irrelevant comments. Having strong opinions about the president is great, but they have nothing to do with our post about 19th century Arctic expeditions.
  • Don’t spam. If you have a website or product, promote it loud and proud the old fashioned way: buy ads on Facebook.
  • Don’t comment that a story isn’t interesting. Disagreeing is ok, but just saying that something is boring or shouldn’t have been written adds absolutely nothing to the conversation.
  • Don’t comment that a story is “fake news.” We value honesty and accuracy. If we got something wrong, tell us why.
  • Don’t complain that we published a story highlighting past injustice. We cover all history – not just the parts that make certain cultures look good.


  • Do leave interesting comments about the topic at hand.
  • Do like comments you find interesting.
  • Do feel free to agree or disagree with other members and thoughtfully explain why.
  • Do report any comments that violate these guidelines by clicking the “Report” button on the offending comment.

The community section at All That’s Interesting is moderated, and we reserve the right to remove any comments that violate these guidelines, as well as ban egregious and repeat offenders.