20 Must See Documentaries Streaming On Netflix

Published September 6, 2014
Updated August 12, 2016

It turns out that if you spend days on end watching documentaries for an article, you begin to believe the world is going to end. Now. Or next week at the latest.

But seriously, here are twenty hand-picked documentaries you can–and should–stream on Netflix:

Best Netflix Documentaries: Paper Clips (2004)

A tearjerker that follows one Tennessee school’s project to gather six million paper clips in order to understand the massive number of people murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust.

Jesus Camp (2006)

The filmmakers attempted an unbiased look at a summer camp that trains children in the ways of evangelical Christianity. But the film caused such controversy that this camp was closed. Still, this type of indoctrination continues throughout the country — the above is a deleted scene.

Cropsey (2009)

Like a real-life Blair Witch Project, filmmakers go on a search for Cropsey, a childhood legend that had some actual victims: children who were abducted in the 1970s and 80s from Staten Island.

Last Call at the Oasis (2012)

But seriously, the world is in a water crisis, and many of us are oblivious. “We humans have an infinite capacity to deny reality,” says Robert Glennon, law professor and author, in the film. This eye-opening documentary will make you think twice when you turn on your tap.

The Invisible War (2012)

500,000 women and men have been raped by their fellow soldiers, marines, airmen, and sailors. A shocking look, through the eyes of a handful of brave survivors, at how the military dealt–or didn’t deal–with the rape cases of their own.

Leslie Maryann Neal
Leslie Maryann Neal is a writer and editor living in Los Angeles. She received her BA in English from California State University, Long Beach.
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