The 20 Best All That Is Interesting Articles That You Should Read

Published October 17, 2013
Updated November 9, 2023

Yes, we have a lot of fascinating content; don't be overwhelmed. With these All That Is Interesting articles that you haven't read, we'll let you catch up.

We’ve been bringing you everything from the bizarre to the beautiful for over three years now–and often writing at length about some of our more fascinating findings all the while. And just in case you’ve missed some of them, here’s a quick way to catch up! Without further ado, here are the best All That Is Interesting articles that you haven’t read yet:

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The World’s Most Remote Places

Remote Places Interesting Articles

Internet surfing can serve many purposes, ranging from informing yourself of current events to stalking your ex to scouring for a Portuguese dish to make for a pretentious dinner party. Each of these activities are united by one thing, though: you are absolutely alone while you do them. But if that cyber solitude isn’t enough to get your introvert on, you might peruse our list of the world’s most remote places and jet off to an uninhabited archipelago smack between South Africa and South America or a scenic roadless province in Tibet. Or, at the very least, daydream about it.

Interesting Articles: Incredible Natural Phenomena

Natural Phenomena Lightning

If you’re anything like us, the enjoyment of nature is often translated as “admiring its beauty from the insect-free comforts of your computer screen”. That rings especially true in the case of natural phenomena, which when they’re not found at a prohibitively far distance from your home are potentially quite dangerous. For those of you with a naturalist’s heart but an agoraphobic’s mind, check out the world’s most mind-blowing natural phenomena.

99 Interesting Facts About The World To Blow Your Mind

Interesting Facts

When Twister was first introduced, many referred to it as sex in a box. Otters sleep holding hands. Twenty percent of coffee mugs contain fecal matter (gross). If you’re on the prowl for awesome party trivia, look no further than this handy list of interesting facts that we’ve compiled for you. Great news: we’ve got 99 of ’em.

The Astounding Origins Of English Idioms

All That Is Interesting Articles Idioms

Given our familiarity with the language, it’s quite easy for us to assume that the English language, much unlike its more “exotic” and “colorful” linguistic counterparts, lacks rich and imaginative idioms. If you’re one of those who thinks that your mother tongue is rather bland, fear not! We’re here to remind you of seven idioms with bizarre–and fascinating–origins.

42 Staggering Photos Of Abandoned Detroit

All That Is Interesting Articles Detroit

The Motor City has certainly seen some brighter days. Declaring bankruptcy in 2011, Detroit is one of the many–yet most visibly–suffering cities in the wake of the Great Recession. The industrial metropolis once served as home to around two million people, but today the numbers hang just over 700,000. Truly a dying city, these photos of an abandoned Detroit are incredibly sobering.

Fascinating Photos of 1960s Afghanistan

All That Is Interesting Articles 1960s Afghanistan

In 1967, Arizona State University professor Bill Podlich and his family swapped the United States for the unfamiliar environs of Kabul, Afghanistan. When not working at the Higher Teachers College of Kabul, Podlich made great use of his Kodachrome camera to document an Afghanistan that many of us would simply not recognize anymore. These images just go to show our incredible capacity to change–for better and for worse.

The Most Insanely Bizarre Human Records

Human Records

A word of advice: while this list is quite the potpourri of “talents” and feats, it is best not to delve too deeply into it if you’re planning on eating any time soon. From an Indian man whose ears contain more hair than anyone else’s in the world to an Australian with eyelids capable of moving 907 pounds, you’ll quickly be reminded–and perhaps uncomfortably so–of the curiosities of the human race.

Interesting Articles: The Hamster Hotel

All That Is Interesting Articles Hamster Hotel

In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, readers are quickly introduced to protagonist Gregor Samsa, whose crippling sense of alienation proves so dehumanizing that one morning he awakes as a giant bug. While the Kafka classic is more in the vein of modern tragedy, the owners of this French hamster hotel view this out-of-body experience in a somewhat different, good-humored light. Tucked away in the small corners of Nantes, this hotel offers patrons seeking an escape from the confines of modern society the chance to spend the night as a hamster would. Don’t worry, though; you’ll still be able to let your friends know what you’re doing: the hotel also has WiFi.

An Eerie Town Where Everyone Wears Gas Masks

Gas Masks Interesting Articles

If the environmental features in your hometown greatly increased your chances of inhaling potentially fatal toxins, would you leave? Faced with a similar predicament in light of ceaseless volcanic activity, the inhabitants of the small Japanese island known as Miyakejima couldn’t bring themselves to leave their home…even if it killed them. Instead, many of the island’s denizens decided to “suck it up” and don gas masks to combat the poisonous air. It was a pretty good business move, too. Today, the island receives all sorts of visitors who cite the bevy of gas mask-clad citizens as their reason for visiting. Read more about the gaskmask town here.

Fly Geyser, Nevada’s Coolest (And Least Known) Attraction

All That Is Interesting Articles Geyser

Sure, you’ve got Vegas. Area 51. The breathtaking desert views. But what about a technicolor geyser formed by a 20th century well? That’s Nevada’s own Fly Geyser, and it’s got all the razzle dazzle of the Las Vegas strip but none of the ensuing guilt.

What The Future Looked Like In 1900

All That Is Interesting Articles 1900 Future

Humanity has long sought the ability to predict the future, and to a handful of candy connoisseurs in the height of the Second Industrial Revolution, it never looked brighter. On the cusp of a new century, Hildebrand’s, a then-leading German chocolate company, produced a set of cards depicting the “sweet” life that awaited us in the year 2000. Trains could also serve as transatlantic ocean liners, cities would be mobile thanks to the fact that they’d be built on trains, and flying machines would nix the need for stuffy carriages altogether.

Interesting Articles: The Haunting Faces Of Afghanistan

Faces Of Afghanistan

We may have just averted another war in Syria, but that doesn’t mean that the consequences and lessons of war should recede into oblivion. In Lalage Snow’s “We Are The Not Dead” series, she takes these ideas–oft-translated into a few paragraphs in history textbooks or newspaper statistics–and uses the human face as the medium in which she expresses them. Once doe-eyed and downy-cheeked, the soldiers featured in the series have assumed a starkly different identity, reminding us of the visceral effects of boardroom policy-making.

The Man Who Refused To Salute Hitler

August Landmesser Interesting Articles

You might need a tissue for this one. August Landmesser’s tale is not one without sadness. A modern internet icon of nonconformity at an ostensibly deadly juncture in world history, Landmesser originally joined the Nazi Party as a means for some job stability but soon found himself unable to participate in the most basic manifestation of solidarity: a salute to Adolf Hitler. Why? He fell in love with a Jewish woman. From this point on, Landmesser’s story grows much more complex and drenched in struggle, but it is certainly one worth reading. Read it here.

Interesting Articles: How The Internet Is Destroying Your Brain

All That Is Interesting Articles Internet

As if you really wanted to know this approaching the bottom of this list, but the internet is taking a sledgehammer to your cognitive capacities the more and more you utilize it. You’d think that the dawn of a device made for rapid collection of knowledge–and sharing it–would lead to a hyper-informed and intelligent society, but it has resulted more often than not in the opposite. And beyond that, it can ruin your relationships. We’ve written about it at some length, and it’s yours for the taking…if you dare.

The World’s Most Amazing Trees

All That Is Interesting Articles Trees

Given the size of their roots, many associate trees as rather static natural objects, lacking the dynamism that Mother Nature affords her more mobile denizens. We took that notion to task in our article on amazing trees, and are pretty sure you’ll come to appreciate how diverse–and fascinating–our tall, immobile neighbors truly are.

The Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s

All That Is Interesting Articles 1940s Photos

The holocaust, a second world war, the atom bomb and the world’s first computer. The 1940s was a decade jam-packed with tumult, triumph and tragedy. What better way to embody that than with compelling photography?

The Most Frighteningly Bizarre Ocean Creatures

All That Is Interesting Articles Ocean Creatures

To find the most fascinating–if not entirely terrifying–creatures Earth has to offer, it’s often the case that we need to look deep within it. With prehistoric sharks so ugly that their appearance–not their teeth–will cut you to the core, or female angler fish who reduce their male counterparts to just their gonads, these bizarre ocean creatures are bound to shock you.

Interesting Articles: The Best Insults In History

All That Is Interesting Articles Insults

Gandhi, Lincoln, Churchill. All were brilliant statesmen; all were known for their biting quips. For the more argumentative among us, you’ll delight in our list of the best insults in history. Fear not, even the world’s best and brightest leaders could be incredibly bitchy.

How Fans Emulate Their Idols

All That Is Interesting Articles Fan Emulation

Photographer James Mollison has an interesting theory: the more dedicated you are to a specific musician or band, the more likely you are to dress like them when you see them in concert. Regardless of their reasons for doing so (perhaps as a subconscious attempt to establish intimacy or reduce the barrier between musician and music lover), Mollison has traveled to concerts the world over in an attempt to convey the bizarrely tribal elements at play within music halls. Rod Stewartians can be recognized by their frayed hair and likely leather-loaded looks. Meanwhile, members of the Madonna tribe fashion themselves with bustiers and lace. Check out the rest here.

4 Crazy Conspiracies That Were Actually True

All That Is Interesting Articles Conspiracy Theories

Contrary to popular belief, America isn’t a fascist state. But at one point early on in the 20th century, it very well could have been. Oh, and the United States totally saved the lives of Nazi Party members during World War II. Doesn’t sound true? Maybe that’s because you don’t want to believe it. As much as we like to distance ourselves from the kooks who spend their waking hours incessantly researching conspiracy theories, we’ve found four of ’em that are totally true.

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