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Published October 29, 2013
Updated January 11, 2018


Currently, All That Is Interesting (ATI) is seeking creative, independent-minded writers to help strengthen our editorial vision and readership. Whether your background is in art, science, history or something else entirely, we want you to help us create a space where the world’s intricacies are brought forth in an engaging, entertaining and original manner.

As a contributor, you’ll be given an ample amount of freedom when it comes to content topics, as we believe that it’s passion that generates successful articles and websites — not just passing trends. We consistently receive four million visitors a month, so your work won’t get lost in the vastness that is the Internet; it will be viewed and shared by people just like you.

To apply, please send a writing sample, a brief statement on your interests and the most fascinating content you’ve come across in the past week to [email protected]ng.com.

Gallery Contributors

ATI is looking for freelance gallery contributors with a proven record of creating popular photo-based content targeted at social media. The contributor will pitch 3-5 gallery ideas every two weeks and execute accepted pitches on our requested timelines. The contributor will also input galleries directly into WordPress, so familiarity with editing posts in WordPress is ket — as is experience editing media.

Remuneration begins at $100 per gallery, with payment increasing over time depending on performance. To be considered, please send [email protected] an e-mail that includes three links to your best performing content and three pitch ideas for ATI.

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