Venture Down Into The 21 Most Beautiful Caves On Earth

Published April 27, 2016
Updated October 17, 2017

At some point in their childhood, many people have gone on field trips to old mining tunnels, but only a lucky and adventurous few have ventured into the azure caverns and over the crystal-bedded subterranean lakes of the world’s most stunning caves.

These places hold a visual bounty for explorers of all stripes, be they those who actually make the descent or those who prefer the safety of photographs. Here, in photos, are 21 of the world’s most incredible caves:

Caves Antelope Canyon
Worlds Unique Caves Phraya
Worlds Unique Caves Iceland
Worlds Unique Caves Mammoth
Venture Down Into The 21 Most Beautiful Caves On Earth
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Next, step inside some of the world's most gorgeous salt caves. Then venture down into Son Doong Cave, the largest in the world.

Hayley Virgil
Hayley Virgil is a writer, literature enthusiast, and adventurer. When she isn't out exploring for a story to capture, she can often be found hunched over her computer monitor in a dimly lit room.
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