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Published May 19, 2017

Dead Priest’s DNA Could Solve Nun’s Decades-Old Murder

Priest Murders Nun Og

Catherine Ann Cesnik and Rev. Joseph A. Maskell

Sister Catherine Ann Cesnik’s decomposing body was found in 1970.

When a father and son out hunting in Maryland mistakenly happened upon the corpse, the 26-year-old nun had already been missing for almost two months.

Nearly five decades later, Cesnik’s murder remains unsolved. But Baltimore County Police detectives think one dead Catholic priest’s DNA might hold the missing clue.

Which is why, on February 28, they dug up his grave.

Delve further into the mystery here.

Scientists Figure Out Exactly How Strong A ‘Bone-Crushing’ T. Rex Bite Was

Tyrannosaurus Rex Bite

Wikimedia Commons

It seems obvious that you wouldn’t want to get caught between the banana-sized chompers of the history’s most famous dinosaur.

Until recently, though, scientists were unsure of just how thoroughly a Tyrannosaurus rex could mash your bones into pulp.

Thanks to a new paper in Scientific Reports, that mystery has been solved.

See more here.

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