These Ancient Trees Will Transport You To Another World

Published January 27, 2015
Updated September 14, 2021

Photographer Beth Moon has trekked the world to capture the majesty of the world's most ancient trees, and we are so happy she did.

Baobab Trees

“Avenue of the Baobabs”

Not too long ago, billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson created a challenge for the world: Branson would offer millions to the individual who could create a device capable of capturing carbon dioxide emissions in the most efficient way possible. Too bad for Branson that those devices already exist in nature, and they’re known as trees.

Ancient Trees

“Desert Rose”

As the Branson example shows, trees are often taken for granted. They are commonplace but crucial for sustaining life on Earth, and many are much older than we think. There’s a reason why in cartoons, trees are projected to be old and wise; some trees that we pass on our daily commutes stood as Confederate and Union soldiers were engaged in the multi-year bloodbath known as the Civil War.

Ancient Trees Kapok


Beth Moon has spent fourteen years of her life documenting the world’s oldest and most interesting trees through photography and printmaking, ultimately traveling around the globe and compiling her findings into the book, Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time.

But these aren’t just any old prints; Moon uses a complex printing technique called the platinum or palladium process, which ensures that her prints last an incredibly long time—just like the ancient trees she captures. As Moon says:

With platinum printing, noted for its beautiful luminosity and wide tonal scale, the absence of a binder layer allows very fine crystals of platinum to be embedded into the paper giving it a 3 dimensional appearance. Unrivaled by any other printing process, platinum, like gold, is a stable metal. A print can last for thousands of years.

Yews Of Wakehurst

“The Yews of Wakehurst”

Ancient Tree

The Whittinghame Yew

“The Whittinghame Yew”

Ancient Trees Strangler Fig

“The Strangler Fig”

Pictures Of Ancient Trees

“The Lovers”

The Sentinels of St. Edwards

“The Sentinels of St. Edwards”

Ancient Trees Rilkes Bayon

“Rilke’s Bayon”

Ifaty Teapot

“The Ifaty Teapot”

Beth Moon Ancient Trees


Diksom Forest

“Diksom Forest”

Bristle Cone Pine Relic

“Bristle Cone Pine Relic”

Croft Castle Chestnut

“Croft Castle Chestnut”

Ancient Trees Portraits of Time

“The Bowthorpe Oak”

If you’re itching to see more of Beth Moon’s gorgeous photography of ancient trees, visit her website, which features not just her portfolio, but more information about the photosets themselves, the events her work has been (and will be) in, and her business contact information.

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Erin Kelly
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