Evangelical Leader Tweets Donald Trump’s Playboy Cover

Published June 24, 2016
Published June 24, 2016

Early this week, evangelical leader Jerry Falwell, Jr. posed with Donald Trump — and Donald Trump’s 1990 issue of Playboy — in what has quickly proven to be an ill-advised Twitter photo.

Falwell, the son of famed evangelist Jerry Falwell, Sr. and the president of Liberty University (a Christian institution in Virginia), tweeted the photo of presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump after introducing him at a “religious leader summit” in New York City on Tuesday.

In the background, Trump’s 1990 cover of Playboy is clearly visible.

Falwell has already received criticism for endorsing Trump, a casino magnate who has been divorced twice, and now the religious leader is coming under even more fire because of the visible Playboy issue.


After Falwell’s Twitter account blew up with people calling out his moral hypocrisy for posing with the porn magazine, he implored his critics to stop judging him.


Of course, Falwell’s question above — “Who are you to decide who is a sinner and who is not?” — might come off as hollow to those who follow Falwell’s politics.

In 2015, for example, Falwell called “any sexual activity” outside of a heterosexual marriage “absolutely sin,” arguing that he was not being judgmental for speaking out against what he considers sinful behavior.

And by the way, in that Playboy interview, Trump calls Jesus an “egomaniac.”

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Elisabeth Sherman
Elisabeth Sherman is a writer living in Jersey City, New Jersey.