Wisconsin Teacher Madison Bergmann Charged With Sexually Assaulting An 11-Year-Old Student

Published May 7, 2024

Madison Bergmann, a 24-year-old teacher at River Crest Elementary School in Hudson, Wisconsin, was allegedly "obsessed" with her fifth-grade student.

Madison Bergmann

St. Croix County PoliceMadison Bergmann could face up to 60 years in prison.

A Wisconsin elementary school teacher is facing charges of child sexual assault after it was revealed that she had been “making out” with an 11-year-old student.

Madison Bergmann, 24, had been texting the young boy, with incriminating messages detailing the time they spent together in her classroom. These conversations included details about how Bergmann enjoyed kissing him and having him touch her, according to police documents. Police also discovered a folder with the boy’s name on it inside Bergmann’s bag, with handwritten notes talking about how the two had kissed.

Authorities additionally said that in one letter Madison Bergmann wrote to the victim, she told him she loved him “more than anything in the world.”

Text Messages And Letters Between Madison Bergmann And The Victim Come To Light

As local CBS affiliate WCCO reported, text messages between Madison Bergmann and the victim were discovered after the young boy’s phone was confiscated. The boy’s mother had caught him speaking to Bergmann on the phone that night, but it soon became clear that he and Bergmann were talking “almost daily.”

The 24-year-old teacher had received the victim’s phone number over the 2023 winter break on a skiing trip that she took with the boy and his mother. Madison Bergmann told police she initially received his number from his mother in case they became separated while at the Afton Alps park. According to Bergmann’s social media posts, this was the same month that she and her fiancé, Sam Hickman, got engaged.

Once the text exchanges had been discovered, the boy’s father took printed copies of the conversations to school authorities, who then contacted the police. One alleged text message exchange shows the victim saying, “Haha bro I just want to make out with u.” Bergmann allegedly replied, “I do too! Like alllll the time.”

Wisconsin Teacher Madison Bergmann

Madison Bergmann/FacebookMadison Bergmann was ordered by a judge to have no contact with anyone under 18.

The boy also admitted that throughout the day, he and Bergmann would write letters to each other.

“One of my cousins is in the 5th grade and I can’t imagine a man talking to her how we talk,” Madison Bergmann allegedly wrote in one such letter. “I know we have a special relationship and I do love you more than anyone in the world but I have to be the adult here and stop.”

The letters, police said, include Bergmann telling the young boy that “she loves him, wants to kiss him, he turns her on and that she is obsessed with him.”

In a police interview, the victim said Bergmann had also touched his hand and leg during class when he sat near her desk, and that he had touched Bergmann’s hair, back, and leg when he thought other students wouldn’t notice. According to the complaint, the boy also “made comments about really liking [Bergmann], trusting her, feeling weird but also liking it.”

Bergmann was taken out of River Crest Elementary School in handcuffs and ordered by a judge to have “absolutely NO CONTACT” with the 11-year-old boy or anyone under the age of 18. She is likewise barred from contacting any River Crest Elementary students and has been placed on leave from her job.

Officially, Madison Bergmann is facing an accusation of first-degree sexual assault of a child under the age of 13. The charge is a class B felony, and could result in up to 60 years in prison if Bergmann is convicted.

“She Cheated With A Little Kid” — Madison Bergmann’s Wedding Is Called Off

Sam Hickman And Madison Bergmann

Madison Bergmann/FacebookSam Hickman and Madison Bergmann were supposed to get married on July 27.

As for Madison Bergmann’s upcoming wedding, “It’s been indefinitely postponed,” a friend of Hickman’s told the New York Post. “And it probably won’t happen. Sam is really upset and heartbroken. He’s embarrassed and pissed. He didn’t deserve this. Everyone is pissed.”

Hickman’s friend said that he hasn’t spoken much about the situation, but described him as “really, really hurt” by the situation.

“He’s still in shock,” Hickman’s friend said. “Not only did she cheat on him, but she cheated with a little kid.”

Madison Bergmann was booked at the St. Croix County jail and then released on a $25,000 signature bond.

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