Artist Transforms Sneakers Into Amazing Works Of Art

Published September 27, 2015
Updated February 1, 2018
Shoe Sculptures

Tasty Crepes 2014 Source: FILFURY

For artist Phil Robson, aka FILFURY, obsession shapes life–and art.

In Robson’s case, those creativity-informing obsessions include the 90s, basketball and fashion. Such obsessions translate quite well into reality, as Robson has collaborated with Nike, Adidas and Reebok–among a host of other big names.

Also inspired by the likes of Stan Lee, Ron English, Neville Brody and Ewen Spencer, Robson describes his work as “a battle of pop culture vs nature,” and enjoys utilizing contemporary textures to repurpose form and painting. One such texture is–you guessed it–the shoe. Robson makes himself at home cutting and arranging soles, laces, tongues until they no longer resemble shoes but insects, guns, and even skulls.

Robson doesn’t confine creativity to the sneaker, though; he also utilizes stereo parts, watches and fashion items in his work. Regardless of the materials involved, each work of transformation art emanates punk rock.

If you want to score some of Robson’s work, be sure to visit his site. Otherwise, enjoy some our favorites below:

shoe sculptures death

Sneaker Pimps Skull Red 2013 Source: FILFURY

shoe sculptures fly

Nike Basketball/Fly 2015 Source: FILFURY

ssculptures butterfly

Teal Butterfly 2013 Source: FILFURY

sculptures baretta

Beretta X AM90 2012 Source: FILFURY

sculptures 93 skull

Size? 93 Skull Nike Air Huarache & Air Max 93 Release 2013 Source: FILFURY

sculptures bat

Flux Bat Volt 2014 Sneaker Pimps Source: FILFURY

sculptures balenciaga heart

Balenciaga Heart 2013 Source: FILFURY

sculptures ram skull

Size? HUA skull Nike Air Huarache & Air Max 93 Release 2013 Source: FILFURY

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