Watch As Two Lines Create Fantastic 3D GIFs

Published February 19, 2014
Updated February 7, 2018

By adding plain white lines to the standard GIF, 3D GIFs are created. And they are absolutely delightful.

Amazing 3D GIFs

For the past couple years, the GIF’s currency in online exchanges has only increased in value. And by adding two simple, two-dimensional lines to the mix, the GIF has gotten even more dynamic than before. The white lines serve as static foreground markers, and when the animation begins, its movement achieves a cool, three-dimensional effect, turning seemingly regular animations into 3D GIFs:

Robert Downey Jr.

Cheshire Cat

3D GIFs Birds

Michael Jackson

Nightmare Before Christmas


Nemo GIF

3D GIFs Brave

3D GIFs Doctor Who


Puppy 3D GIF

Freddy Krueger


Bouncing Dog 3D GIF

Ice Age

Dog Nose GIF

Captain America

Water Creature

Toy Story

Star Trek

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