Alaska’s Beauty Captured From A Kayak

Published December 28, 2014
Updated December 5, 2017
Pillar Bay in Afognak Island, Alaska

Pillar Bay in Afognak Island, Alaska. Source: Daniel Fox

Nature and wildlife photographer Daniel Fox has a mission: to bring a connection with the great outdoors to the masses. For Fox, nature photography is his life’s work and his passion, documented online for the world to see. After spending 10 years in New York and what Fox describes as “a short marriage and ugly divorce”, Fox decided to sell everything he owned and make good on his dream of traveling the globe.

Now a seasoned expeditionist and storyteller, Fox has made it his goal to bring the transformative power of nature to the youth of the world.

Bald Eagle In Alaska
This image of a majestic bald eagle was also captured on Kodiak Island.

Sitka Deer
A family of Sitka, black-tailed deer, are not sure what to think of the new visitor to their island.

Brown Bear In Alaska Picture
It was not uncommon for brown bears like this one to come and check out Fox and his campsites.

Kayaking Through Alaska
Sometimes kayaking through the ice tunnels was tight; but the photos captured are spectacular! Source: Daniel Fox

Otters In Alaska
Otters in the sea off the coast of Kodiak Island, Alaska; their curiosity was not enough for them to venture away from their activities. Source: Daniel Fox

Beautiful Alaska Pictures
"I camped where the Russians established the location of their first Alaska settlement and first substantial European settlement on the Pacific Coast of North America, north of California," says Fox. "I dined watching humpbacks breaching and feeding, listening to their roaring splash echoing around, bouncing off the steep mountains." Source: Daniel Fox

Mendenhall Glacier
Surreal and breathtaking image of Fox inside the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. Source: Telegraph

Pictures Of Alaska
According to Fox there is no better way to experience nature than by kayaking. "Kayaking is a really intimate relationship with the water and the places you visit. You are sitting in this small cockpit, feeling every little ripple, wave, breeze, or current." Source: Telegraph

Red Fox Photograph
This red fox stares at the camera on Kodiak Island, Alaska; inquisitive and unsure of the photographer capturing its image. It looks as though the Foxes were equally intrigued by each other. Source: Daniel Fox

Taku Glacier In Juneau Alaska
You can really sense the isolation of Fox’s campsite near the Taku Glacier, also in Juneau, Alaska. Source: Telegraph

Daniel Fox Walks On Glacier
Daniel Fox walking on the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska; the fresh blue ice shows through the dirty surface layer of the glacier. Source: Daniel Fox

Pillar Bay In Afognak Island
Pillar Bay in Afognak Island, Alaska. Source: Daniel Fox

Sunset In Tok Alaska
The sunsets at night were vibrant and full of color, like this sensational sunset in Tok, Alaska. Source: Daniel Fox

Kayaking In Alaska Photos
Kayaking is Daniel Fox’s preferred choice of transportation during his adventures in the wild. Source: Daniel Fox

Images Of Life In Alaska
When not in his trusty kayak, Fox spends a lot of his time walking the wilderness, like in this shot on Alaska’s frozen tundra.

Sea Lion Party
Among the amazing photos taken by Fox, this shot of a group of sea lions was awarded 1st prize in the Wildlife category Alaska Magazine's Annual Photo Contest. Every year, Alaska Magazine awards the top photos that capture the spirit of the Frontier State. Source: Daniel Fox

Sea Gull By Afognak Island
A seagull flies over the water on Afognak Island, Alaska. Source: Daniel Fox

Three Saints Bay
Motels may be sparse, but there is no shortage of gorgeous campsites like this one at Three Saints Bay in Kodiak Island, Alaska. Source: Daniel Fox

Nature Photographs From Alaska
This fox is just one of the many animals that Daniel encountered during the trip. Fitting that Mr. Fox would have the opportunity to meet another fox along the way. Source: Daniel Fox

Black Tail Deer Herd
The youngest members of the Sitka black tail herd come in for a closer look. Fox says that he rarely felt in danger during his trip, and understands the animal’s natural curiosity towards the strange human visitor that was camping amidst them. Source: Daniel Fox

Daniel recently spent three months kayaking around small islands in Alaska, capturing stunningly beautiful images of the landscape.He has created fundraising campaigns to send underprivileged youth to a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), a sea kayaking course in Alaska, as well as to lectures and other events that inspire young people to discover the beauty of nature.

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