Going Behind The Scenes Of Summer’s Hottest Movies

Published August 10, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018
Published August 10, 2014
Updated January 12, 2018
Transformers Filming in 2014

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Although people haven’t flocked to movie theaters too frequently this summer (blame it on the World Cup, maybe?), there have been more than a handful of new films to get excited about. From Disney’s Maleficent to the all-new Guardians of the Galaxy, the summer’s hottest films have gotten people talking. Check out this behind-the-scenes look at 2014’s summer hits and misses.

Guardians of the Galaxy

While Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest in a string of rapid-fire Marvel movies, these guardians aren’t your average bunch of superheroes. Based on the Marvel comic-book series, this group of superheroes consists of various imaginary and otherworldly characters, including a spunky raccoon named Rocket Raccoon. To create these diverse characters, the film—which features big-name actors like Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana and Vin Diesel—required its fair share of special effects. These two images go behind the scenes to give viewers a quick look at the time and energy that went into creating this unique group of superheroes.

Guardians of the Galaxy Behind the Scenes

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Stills from Guardians of the Galaxy

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The Fault in Our Stars

Shailene Woodley has had an incredible year, starring in two major films, including Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars. Though Divergent was an action-packed adventure for Woodley’s character, the latter film took on a much more serious tone as the actress portrayed a young woman who was terminally ill. To look the part, Woodley chopped off her long locks for the role (seen below).

Behind the Scenes at The Fault in Our Stars

Source: LA Times

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Those who saw Transformers: Age of Extinction got exactly what they expected: the fourth movie in a Michael Bay film franchise that’s known for over-the-top special effects and action scenes. Yet unlike the first three Transformers films, this movie starred Mark Wahlberg instead of Shia LaBeouf. Despite the acting switch, the flick featured plenty of awesome explosions and high-tech transformations. Here’s a glimpse of what the explosions look like behind the scenes.

Transformers Age of Extinction 2014

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Also a sequel, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has been widely praised by critics and viewers alike. The film begins where the last Apes film left off, with a pack of monkeys who have a bone to pick with the men who once held them captive. While the story itself is strong, many viewers have been wowed by the film’s digital effect. Watch the video below to go behind the scenes and see how they were able to create such realistic digital apes.


A lot of buzz has surrounded Disney’s Maleficent ever since Angelina Jolie was cast as the feared villain. Starring alongside the ethereal Elle Fanning, Jolie plays Maleficent, retelling the story of Sleeping Beauty from a much different perspective. While the film was praised as a family-friendly flick, adults seemed to enjoy the movie too—likely because the movie offers its fair share of battle scenes, incredible effects and Disney’s signature True Love’s Kiss.

Angelina on Set at Maleficent

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There have been so many Hercules movies as of late that he seems to be the only Ancient Greek who ever did anything important. In the latest rendition, actor Dwayne Johnson (better know as the Rock) puts on his most muscly performance to date. In fact, it seems that all people can talk about is the actor’s incredibly buff body–not necessarily his acting. Check out his pecs for yourself in the picture below.

Sex Tape

Cameron Diaz’s Sex Tape was one of summer’s biggest flops. The film follows a married couple who wake up one morning to find that their private sex tape is missing. Jason Segel plays Diaz’s husband in the film, but even with super-watt star power the movie didn’t garner much of a reaction from viewers. Though you probably won’t be making it to the theater to see this movie, you might enjoy this casual shot of the two actors behind the scenes.

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