Six Bizarre Inventions That Never Caught On

Published November 17, 2012
Updated January 22, 2018

Bizarre Inventions: The Face Cover

Part fashion statement, part practical face covering from the elements, this transparent cone may have paved the way for the baseball cap. Why this invention didn’t quite make it is beyond imaginable, especially when one considers the dual use it could have provided in a Spy vs. Spy costume.

The Neck Brush

Despite the look on little Jimmy’s face, the neck brush was not a disciplinary device but rather a tool for cleaning your child’s neck while they play. Was this a dire need for the mothers of the world? Due to its failure, probably not. And judging by little Jimmy’s face, it probably itched, too.

The Pipe For Two

Dual piping existed for reasons virtually unknown (one article suggested it was for use in sporting events, others say it was for conserving tobacco), but what we do know is that it looked awfully silly. The photograph above is likely an exaggeration of the complications of this practice, but it’s certainly a hint as to the awkward nature of the pipe for two.

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