Breathe In, Bro Out: Broga Is The Next Big Thing

Published May 27, 2015
Updated May 10, 2020

Bros doing yoga? You betcha. Watch as some polo-wearing bros find enlightenment in this hilarious series of broga poses.


Linebacker II, a pose that’s familiar to most sports bros.

Only artist Hannah Rothstein could capture the hilarity of the manly mindfulness movement she calls Broga. Playfully combining two groups of people—bros and yogis—who frequently take themselves a bit too seriously, she” captured what’s sure to be next big workout craze.

From Intensive Boar-ior III to Manchild’s pose, watch these brogis as they find their inner zen with six packs in hand. We dare you to keep a straight face:

Hannah Rothstein Broga

Insensitive Boar-ior III. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Shotgunasana Brogis

Shotgunasana. Find your zen as you balance a six pack of Coors in one hand. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Beer Pong Lunge

Grab a ping pong ball and settle into the Beer Pong Lunge. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Kegstand Yoga Pose

Kegstand. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Wrecked Doll

Rothstein describes how to transition into the Wrecked Doll. “From drunkenly wobbling on feet, exhale and hinge at hips. Let torso and head hang heavy. Cradle trash can with elbows, and align head with inside of trash can. Puke until you feel release.” Source: Hannah Rothstein

College Bros Doing Yoga

Video Gamekasana can be easily mastered with enough practice. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Hannah Rothstein Broga Pose

Chest Bump Moon. Classic Broga pose. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Broga Reverse Weekend Warrior

Reverse Weekend Warrior. Source: Hannah Rothstein

Corpse Pose in Broga

The Corpse Pose (aka Shitfaceasana) is a bro’s final resting pose. Rothstein says it best: “After a night of partying, fall to the floor with limbs sprawled wide. If still cognizant after five minutes, roll onto your side so you don’t choke on your puke. Breathe deeply and pass out, bro—you’ve done great work today.”

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