Pennsylvania Man Sentenced For Bigamy After Marrying A Woman – And Her Daughter

Published January 8, 2018
Published January 8, 2018

In addition to bigamy charges, Hauptmann faces forgery and felony weapons charges.

Hauptmann Deitrich Split

Fox NewsLeft: Christopher Hauptmann. Right: Kaylee Durovick and her mother Shannon Deitrich.

A Pennsylvania man has pleaded no contest to charges of bigamy after it was revealed that he married his wife’s daughter – while still married to her mother.

In February of 2015, Christopher I. Hauptmann, of Shamokin, Penn., wed Shannon Deitrich in Florida. The pair had been married for one year and seven months when Hauptmann wed Kaylee Durovic, Deitrich’s 18-year-old daughter, in September of 2016.

Deitrich and Hauptmann were still legally married at the time of Durovick and Hauptmann’s wedding.

Hauptmann was arrested in 2016 and served 322 days in jail after finding himself unable to post his $300,000 bail. Ironically, Hauptmann is the former owner of PA Bail & Recovery, a bail bonds service in Shamokin. After his arrest, he continuously requested to be released, claiming that he was “no threat.”

“I have always been on the side of the law, and I have had police back me up several times,” he told the local news. “That’s why they handcuffed me in the front because they know I am no threat to them.”

His claims were refuted by the Northumberland County police.

A judge ordered Hauptmann to serve a sentence of between one year minus a day to two years minus a day, with the 322 days he has already spent in jail counting toward his sentence.

Deitrich testified against Hauptmann, who is now prohibited from contacting her, though he remains married to her daughter. According to Deitrich, she and Durovick are no longer on speaking terms.

In addition to being convicted of bigamy, Hauptmann also faces charges of forgery and unsworn falsification to authorities. In 2012 and 2013 he had used the alias “Christopher Buckley” to obtain a rifle, a shotgun, and a pistol.

Additionally, he answered “no” to a question Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms form that asked if the applicant had ever been convicted of a felony when he indeed has a felony drug conviction that prohibited him from owning firearms.

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