The Most Colorful Gypsy Caravans

Published December 3, 2013
Updated September 18, 2014
Gypsy Caravans Wishingwood

Source: Pitch Up

Over time, a variety of caravan constructions have come in and out of fashion, including the Burton, brush, reading, ledge, bow top and open lot caravan styles. Though these caravans may look small, many contain all the living essentials: everything from beds, bookshelves, kitchens, cupboards, and even fireplaces may be found in these caravans.

Gypsy Caravans Interior

Source: Wikipedia

Resembling more of a gem on wheels than your average mobile home, Roma caravans often feature brighter, more intricately designed works of art than a home. Contemporary caravan designers include Yorkie Greenwood and Lol Thompson, who use bright colors to decorate the vardos with traditional Romani cultural symbols.

Caravan Trailer

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Gypsy Caravans Modern

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Colorful Caravan

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