Improving Nature? The World Of Extreme Body Modification

Published January 11, 2015
Updated February 27, 2024

Joel Miggler, a German body modification enthusias,t takes the concept of gauge piercings to an extreme. He has gauged out his cheeks and nose – leaving open holes that glimpse into areas that (by all that is good and holy) were never intended to be seen by another.

Joel’s face gauging has created gaps large enough for him to stick his surgically split tongue through, a truly off-putting sight for most. He has plugs that he is able to insert into the piercings, which become especially useful when it comes time to eat or drink anything.

Extreme Body Modification Tongue Splitting

Source: Wikipedia

As recently as the 1990s, tongue splitting (also known as tongue forking or bifurcation) was nearly unheard of and unseen in society; now it is now considered to be common practice in the world of body modders. This alteration can be accomplished several ways – including cutting with a scalpel, piercing with the implement being moved nearer and nearer the end until the split is complete, or via cauterizing and tying off. By all suggestions, this procedure should be performed by a plastic or oral surgeon, but some choose to perform this very painful modification on themselves.

Corset piercing is an extreme modification that uses multiple piercings lined up in such a way that when ribbon is looped through the rings it creates a corset of sorts.

Extreme Body Modification Corset Front

Source: Deviant Art

Corset piercings can be done in various areas of the body; the most common of these being down the chest, back, or legs. For more…dramatic…members of the body mod community, corset piercings can also occur on or around the genital area.

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