The Great Lakes’ Eerily Frozen Lighthouses

Published February 24, 2014
Updated February 28, 2018
Published February 24, 2014
Updated February 28, 2018

Evoking the timeless sentiment of isolation, these frozen lighthouses are a perfect symbol for the winter months.

There are few sights in nature more surreal than the frozen lighthouses sprinkled about Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. Splashing waves and frigid wintry storms transform lighthouses into accidental ice sculptures on the shores of these Great Lakes.

Photographers encounter treacherous conditions in their artistic pursuits. They navigate through thick, icy terrains to capture glacial monuments, frost-covered surfaces and massive, cascading icicles from just the right angles.

Frozen Lighthouses Majestic Beauty

Source: Flickr

Conjuring the timeless sentiment of isolation amid a naturally stunning backdrop, these photographs are truly a sight to behold. One of this phenomenon’s top photographers is Thomas Zakowski of South Bend, Indiana. Zakowski travels to St. Joseph and South Haven, Michigan to take pictures of Mother Nature’s latest lighthouse artwork each winter.

The images below consist of picturesque wintry scenes from the five Great Lakes lighthouses. The sites include Cleveland’s West Pierhead Lighthouse, as well as Michigan’s South Haven, St. Joseph, Petoskey Pierhead, and Point Betsie lighthouses.

South Haven

Source: Flickr

Frozen Lighthouses North Pier

Source: Img Day

Frozen Lighthouses Natural Wonder

Source: 500Px

Frozen Lighthouses Petoskey Lighthouse

Source: WordPress

Frozen Lighthouses Point Betsie

Source: Blogspot

Lighthouses West Pierhead Cleveland

Source: Tumblr

Lighthouses St. Joseph

Source: WordPress

Lighthouses Icy Bridge

Source: Broad Sheet

Lighthouses Ghostly Walkway

Source: Blogspot

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Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly is a freelance writer, artist and video editor that splits her time between the humid Midwest and the dusty corners of her mind.
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