A Golden Retriever In Florida Just Gave Birth To Puppy With Lime Green Fur

Published May 9, 2024
Updated May 13, 2024

Just two weeks before St. Patrick's Day, a green Golden Retriever puppy named Shamrock was born in Pensacola, Florida.

Green Golden Retriever Puppy

Golden Treasures KennelShamrock with the rest of her litter.

In a TikTok that has now gone viral, dog breeder Carole DeBruler from Golden Treasures Kennel in Pensacola, Florida, documented the birth of a rare green Golden Retriever puppy named Shamrock.

The young female pup was born just weeks before St. Patrick’s Day, and her unique coat garnered over 9.8 million views online.

Now, experts are weighing in on how the puppy got her distinct lime green hue.

The Birth Of Shamrock, The Green Puppy

Shamrock The Puppy

Golden Treasures KennelA close-up look at Shamrock’s lime green fur.

On March 3, 2024, a Golden Retriever mom at Golden Treasures Kennel in Florida gave birth to a litter of eight puppies.

Immediately, owner Carole DeBruler noticed something was off with one of the female pups. Instead of sporting a white coat like the rest of her siblings, the pup was green.

“We were kind of shocked,” Carole DeBruler told PEOPLE. DeBruler and her husband, Greg, have operated a dog breeding business for 17 years. “We rubbed her, and the green just didn’t come off.”

After bathing her, DeBruler noted that the pup became a bright, lime green color. “And she stayed lime for a good while,” DeBruler stated.

Despite the oddity, Shamrock is reportedly happy and healthy. “She just shines,” DeBruler added. “She was small, but she was feisty.”

Today, Shamrock spends her time wrestling and playing with her siblings at the kennel while her owners continue to make her an online sensation.

“It has been a whirlwind few weeks! A lot of people have been asking about Shamrock,” DeBruler told All That’s Interesting in an email.

“I’m just so excited to share Shamrock with the world,” DeBruler stated. “She was a lucky dog!”

Why Was The Golden Retriever Puppy Born Green?

According to DeBruler, it is not uncommon for Golden Retriever puppies to be born with a light green tint to their fur, but it usually rubs right off.

“Mom cleans them, we clean them, and it comes off — hers didn’t,” she stated. “This is rare.”

So, what caused Shamrock’s distinct hue? The discoloration is a result of the bile pigment biliverdin in the amniotic fluid. It is most common in dog breeds with lighter fur, like Golden Retrievers.

Interestingly, this phenomenon has occurred a handful of times in the last decade. In 2019, a lime green Golden Retriever named Mojito was born in Germany. That same year, a Great Dane puppy with green fur was born in Colorado.

Other animals, including orcas and monkeys, experience a similar phenomenon.

However, the discoloration is not permanent. Within a few weeks, most of the puppies regain their natural hue, as is the case for Shamrock. Now, the green tint of her fur only shows when she is wet or her coat is brushed backward.

“Shamrock is doing great today! The green has pretty much worn off now. She is living life happily,” DeBruler told All That’s Interesting.

Shamrock Today

Golden Treasures KennelShamrock has already lost much of her green coloring.

On the bright side, Shamrock’s internet fame has drawn a lot of attention to the kennel and even resulted in her adoption. To no one’s surprise, she was the first puppy picked from the litter.

“The gentleman getting her has just retired, and she will be his world. He loves her already so much,” DeBruler stated. “She’s so loved now, and she’s going to be so loved in the future — and that makes me happy.”

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