Hollywood Model Iana Kasian Tortured, Scalped, And Drained Of Blood By Graphic Novelist Boyfriend Blake Leibel

Published September 25, 2017
Updated April 3, 2019
Published September 25, 2017
Updated April 3, 2019

Iana Kasian was left lying on the bed in her apartment next to her two-month-old daughter.

Iana Kasian

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She was tortured, murdered, drained of her blood, and left on the bed of her Hollywood apartment next to her own two-month-old baby.

The newly released coroner’s report on the May 2016 murder of 30-year-old model Iana Kasian shows that she died of exsanguination (the draining of her blood) as well as blunt force trauma to the head. Her additional injuries, however, reveal the true grisly extent of this crime: she was bitten on the jaw, had pieces of her face (including her right ear) torn off, and she was scalped, leaving her skull exposed.

Authorities have charged Kasian’s boyfriend, Blake Leibel, as the man responsible for these crimes, writes USA Today . Police arrested Leibel at the scene after initially refusing to let them enter the apartment, which he had tried to barricade with furniture. Officers first arrived on the scene following a call from Kasian’s mother, who feared that Leibel might harm her daughter.

The mother’s fears intensified when, one week before the murder, Blake Leibel was arrested for a rape (because police don’t release rape victim’s names, it remains unclear whether or not Iana Kasian was the victim in that incident). Subsequently, Kasian left their shared apartment only to return on the day of the murder to talk to Leibel. When she failed to check in with her mother, the latter called the police.

Officers found Kasian’s body lying next to the couple’s two-month-old daughter, who was left unharmed and is now in the custody of Kasian’s mother.

As for Blake Leibel — the millionaire graphic novelist and heir born to Canadian real estate developer/former Olympic sailor Lorne Leibel — he now faces charges of murder, aggravated mayhem, and torture, which means that he may receive the death penalty if convicted.

Blake Leibel

BILLY FARRELL/Patrick McMullan via Getty ImagesBlake Leibel (center)

Leibel’s defense, however, claims that he is mentally unfit to stand trial. His attorneys have asked that his mental health be evaluated, a move that has put the trial on hold for now.

But when the case finally does move forward, the prosecution may very well bring up one of Leibel’s graphic novels, Syndrome, which begins with a killer slashing his victims and draining them of their blood.

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