20 Interesting Words With Origins That Most People Don’t Know

Published November 9, 2017
Updated May 4, 2018

From "jumbo" to "namby-pamby" to "nimrod," these interesting words have surprisingly fascinating backstories.

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20 Interesting Words With Origins That Most People Don’t Know
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Whether taking on loanwords from foreign languages or developing new words out of strange origins, the English language is filled with interesting words that have truly fascinating backstories.

"Ketchup," for example, is just one word that's used throughout English-speaking countries, but few realize that the word originated with the Chinese word "ke-tsiap" (鮭汁) which referred most commonly to a fermented fish sauce.

Over time, that term made its way to Europe through trading vessels, where people began to refer to foreign sauces as "ketchup," a distorted version of the Chinese word. Eventually, "ketchup" came to refer to tomato ketchup in most of the world.

And "ketchup" is far from alone. Check out the unexpected origins of some of the English language's most interesting words in the gallery above.

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