What We Love This Week, Volume LV

Published March 7, 2014
Updated March 5, 2014
Carnival Brazil

Source: The Atlantic

Carnival Around The World

Carnival Mud

Source: The Atlantic

We may still be in the throes of a global economic slowdown, but the decadence-drenched carnivals seen around the world this week beg a different story. In Rio de Janeiro, for example, nearly one million tourists–along with its six million residents–took to the streets in a glorious testament to hedonism…err, the Lord. The Atlantic has a fantastic spread to catch you up to speed.

Carnival Reveler

Source: The Atlantic

Flavours Orchard’s Beautiful Harmony Between Nature And Architecture

Many rightly look to China as one of the world’s biggest polluters, and yet it is also in China where much of green technology and design may be found. Case in point? Kunming’s “Flavours Orchard”. Vincent Callebaut Architectures has devised a series of 45 villas in the southwestern city, which they claim “encourages a close and intimate relationship with the natural environment”. While the firm pays close attention to relating the structure to Chinese identities (some buildings are meant to resemble Chinese fans), they concern themselves even more with the structures’ energy use. In fact, the buildings produce more from renewable resources than they consume. Read more about how they do that at My Modern Met.

Jason deCaires Taylor’s Stunning Underwater Museum

Jason deCaires Taylor is certified diving instructor, avid naturalist, and sculptor who creates underwater museums. The 39 year old artist spent his youth in Europe and Asia, exploring coral reefs scuba-diving in Malaysia. Taylor combines his interests and past to create the inspiring stone and sand scenes—sculptures that happen to aid in promoting future ecological sustainment. And we’re obsessed with them. Check out our in-depth article on the works at All That Is Interesting.