What We Love This Week, Volume XCIII

Published October 24, 2014
Updated October 22, 2014

How Smartphones Are Ruining Our Relationships

Phones Couple

Source: Design Taxi

In the era of the smartphone, lunch, life and love can be acquired with a few simple finger strokes. With so much “happening” within these tiny devices, it’s easy to lose sight of the physical realities that surround us. Just what effect does this have on us, and our relationships with others? In the eyes of London-based street photographer Babycakes Romero, it’s alienation. In “Death of Conversation,” Romero provides images that are likely alarmingly familiar to us, musing on the theme that what we own ends up owning us. Check out more at Design Taxi.

Phones Trio

Source: Design Taxi

Phones Park

Source: Design Taxi

The Student Debt Crisis As Explained By An Artist


In the face of a slowly recovering economy, average US student loan debt weighed in at around $29,400 as of 2013. Add to that un-and underemployment rates hovering at 8.5 and 16.8% respectively, and the fact that students cannot declare bankruptcy to have their loans forgiven, and the picture gets pretty grim pretty quickly. In light of this, Paloma Izquierdo has taken to film to describe how most millennials respond to such bleak prospects. If it reminds you of the story of Sisyphus, you’re understanding her point.