Charlotte Mayoral Candidate Lists ‘White’ Among Her Qualifications

Published September 6, 2017
Updated November 13, 2017
Published September 6, 2017
Updated November 13, 2017

Kimberley Paige Barnette's campaign message read: “VOTE FOR ME! REPUBLICAN & SMART, WHITE, TRADITIONAL."

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A candidate for the position of Mayor in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina has inspired outrage in many when she put among her qualifications for the position that she is White.

The Charlotte Observer reports that a mayoral candidate from the city of Charlotte, NC, has decided to list the fact that she is White among her qualifications to be mayor. Kimberley Paige Barnette, who is currently running for mayor, placed on her Facebook profile a message reading, “VOTE FOR ME! REPUBLICAN & SMART, WHITE, TRADITIONAL.”

Racist Mayor Charlotte


The implication of this message is that one of the reasons that someone should vote for her is because she is White. Barnette, 53, is a former Mecklenburg County magistrate making her first run for office with this mayoral race.

The chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party has already condemned the post stating, “Any suggestion that a candidate is more or less qualified for political office based on their skin color alone is offensive to North Carolina Republicans, and we condemn it.”

Barnette has since removed the post from her Facebook where she drew a number of angry responses. One man commented, “You are NOT doing conservatives or Republicans any favors.”

She has also apologized for her statement, saying she wasn’t suggesting she was a better candidate because of skin color.

This is not the first time that Barnette has inspired ire in the public with her comments. During a debate last month, when asked what she would do for lower-income residents, Barnette said, “I don’t think we should encourage more lower-income people to come to Charlotte. We should attract higher-income people.”

She also called the protests in Charlotte last year over the police killings of two Black men from Charlotte “an expression of Democratic behavior.”

Thankfully, Barnette is far down in the polls, and will almost certainly be defeated at the primary by two much more popular Republican mayoral candidates.

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