These Oktoberfest Pictures Will Make You Thirsty

Published September 28, 2014
Updated September 8, 2020

Over six million people make the trek to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest each year, celebrating Bavarian culture with plenty of parades, pretzels and beer.

It’s that time of year again. Along with changing leaves and the clean scent of new school notebooks, late September also welcomes the return of Oktoberfest, a 16-day festival that’s held each year in Munich, Bavaria i Germany. More than six million people trek to the city for Oktoberfest, celebrating Bavarian culture with tasty sausages and soft pretzels and a healthy dose of good German beer.

Along with traditional Bavarian food and drink, the city also celebrates by hosting a number of parades and performances. Check out this gallery featuring the many facets of the Oktoberfest celebration. Hint: you might want to keep a beer stein handy—these pictures are guaranteed to make you thirsty.

Waitress Carries Beer Steins
Source: Hotel Nights

Toast at Oktoberfest
Source: Mashable

Rifleman's Parade 2014
Young men participate in the Rifleman's Parade at Oktoberfest. Source: Lollitop

Rifleman's Parade
Source: Flickr

Mayor of Munich

Munich Parade
Source: Boston

Crowds Gather in Munich
Source: Boston

Oktoberfest Celebrations around the World

Gingerbread Hearts Munich
Gingerbread hearts are sold during Oktoberfest. Source: NBC

Parade of Costumes Germany
Source: News Cafe

Oktoberfest Parades
Source: RT

Bavarian B'rezn Munich

Oktoberfest Carnival at Night
Source: Wikipedia

Excited Festival Attendees in Germany
Source: Daily Mail

Hangover Hill Munich
Festival attendees sleep on the aptly named Hangover Hill. Source: The Global Experience Blog

Ceremonial Bavarian Costume
Woman dressed in a traditional ceremonial Bavarian costume. Source: The Atlantic

Olympia Looping
Olympia Looping, the well-known carnival ride, makes an appearance at Oktoberfest. Source: Wikipedia

Beer Stein Waitress
Source: WSJ

Crowds in Munich for Oktoberfest
Source: The Atlantic

Oktoberfest Carnival at Night
Source: The Atlantic

Beer Salute Germany

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