The Six Most Remote Places In Human Civilization

Published September 10, 2011
Updated February 12, 2018

Motuo County, China

Remote Places Motuo County Panorama

Hidden in the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China, Motuo County is one of the most isolated regions in the world, cut off entirely from its neighboring towns.

Attempts at creating a road into the county have been unsuccessful due to the volatile landscape, which is constantly plagued by mudslides and avalanches leaving it as one of the most remote places in human civilization.

The only way to access the area is by trekking a frozen overland route through the Himalayas and crossing a suspension bridge. But it’s well worth the risk with dense, lush forests enclosing the untouched Tibetan landscape.

Motuo County Town Remote Places

Most Remote Places Motuo County Trees

Most Remote Places In Human Civilization: McMurdo Station, Antarctica

Most Remote Places In The World McMurdo Station Town

Located quite literally at the bottom of the world, Antarctica is naturally one of the most remote places on Earth. Though there are no permanent residents in the frozen region, the continent does house seasonal researchers and scientist.

The McMurdo Station, located on the northern tip of Antarctica, is the most populated research centers, with close to 1,200 scientists working in the area. Though extremely isolated from neighboring countries, there are three airstrips in McMurdo, which means the inhabitants can easily access the region, as well as many modern amenities.

Remote Places McMurdo Station Panorama Picture

McMurdo Station Panorama

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