39 Psychedelic Photos Of Pre-Revolution Russia

Published October 14, 2016
Updated August 15, 2017
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39 Psychedelic Photos Of Pre-Revolution Russia
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From 1909 to 1915, photographer and chemist Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii traveled around the Russian Empire, documenting life in its most rural corners. He photographed farms, small villages, and churches, capturing the daily lives of the people he encountered along the way.

And Gorskii didn't travel for the sake of travel, or photography, itself: In this ambitious project, Gorskii pioneered color photography techniques he hoped would educate Russian school children on the history, culture, and modernization of their homeland.

The resulting photos provide a haunting record of an empire on the brink of revolution.

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Elisabeth Sherman
Elisabeth Sherman is a writer living in Jersey City, New Jersey.