History’s 29 Scariest Contraceptive Devices

Published July 22, 2015
Updated February 26, 2018

Modern birth control still has its flaws, but at least we no longer live in a world where women are encouraged to shove glass up their vaginas.

People will always want to have sex, but the same cannot be said for the desire to have children. On the quest to prevent the latter from happening, humankind has come up with some pretty terrifying contraptions and hair-brained ideas.

Modern birth control of course has its flaws, but a quick look at these contraception devices and methods might leave you thankful that the majority of your birth control-related pains are due to cost, not an iron piece of machinery scraping against your vaginal wall or the occasional bloodletting:

scariest contraceptives weasel testicles
scariest contraceptives urethra plug
scariest contraceptives olive oil
scariest contraceptives mercury
History’s 29 Scariest Contraceptive Devices
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