How Skinwalker Ranch Became A Hotbed For UFO And Monster Fanatics

Published February 16, 2018
Updated October 14, 2019
Published February 16, 2018
Updated October 14, 2019

From UFOs to bulletproof werewolves, Utah's Skinwalker Ranch is the capital for all things bizarre.

Skinwalker Ranch

YouTubeSkinwalker Ranch, Utah.

People tend to gravitate towards those they have things in common with, like-minded communities. Apparently, it’s no different for un-human like creatures. Skinwalker Ranch, a 480-acre property in near Ballard, Utah, has come to be known as a site where spottings of UFOs, monsters, and other strange creatures are common.

However, before it was known as the Skinwalker Ranch, it was simply known as a ranch where Sherman family lived in 1990s. The Shermans took to radio and newspaper media outlets to share their experience of the bizarre things they had witnessed on the ranch. These tales included doorways appearing in midair with light emerging from them, the mysterious vanishing and mutilations of cows, and crop-circle-like patterns in the pasture and soil.

According to legend, a werewolf sighting also took place on the Skinwalker Ranch, where a farmer claims he saw the wolf attacking a calf. The farmer shot at the wolf from point-blank without any response. The farmer shot again. This time, the wolf let the calf go, but stood upright with no signs of distress and no signs of bleeding. After a third shot, the wolf trotted away casually, still unharmed by the multiple bullets.

Robert Bigelow, a businessman interested in ufology, bought the property from the Shermans in the late 1990s, where he erected an observation building. He also had someone keep watch of the property 24-7 and brought in two scientists plus a veterinarian.

Robert Bigelow

Wikimedia CommonsRobert Bigelow

Bigelow set up the National Institute for Discovery Science (now defunct) to conduct the research.

But Bigelow and the Sherman family weren’t the first ones to discover strange activity at Skinwalker Ranch. An article in the Desert News from 1978 reported that residents of the area spotted a dome-shaped UFO surrounded by a glowing green light.

In yet another bizarre twist, tales of creatures roaming the Utah property extend even further back, relayed mostly in the oral histories of the Ute tribe. The tribe’s reservation is located in the area and members have long believed that Skinwalkers have inhabited the land around the ranch since the 1800s. Hence the name Skinwalker Ranch.

The definition of a skinwalker varies from version to version but typically is depicted as an evil and powerful creature who has the ability to take the form of various animals. It is believed that to become a skinwalker a person must commit the gruesome task of killing one of their family members. Little else is known about skinwalkers, as those who believe in their existence are fearful of discussing them.

Skinwalker Ranch Private Property

YoutubeA private property sign outside of Skinwalker Ranch.

According to reports by local media, Adamantium Real Estate acquired the Skinwalker Ranch in April 2016 and has since encountered many issues with trespassing. “We just have so many problems with trespassers and people down here and vandalism, and it’s very, very scary,” said the now caretaker of the property.

As unfortunate as it is for the owners, it can’t come as much of a surprise. Given its rich history of UFO sightings and monstrous creatures, it’s no wonder that believers or the curious would want to check out Skinwalker Ranch for themselves.

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Kara Goldfarb
Kara Goldfarb is a writer living in New York City.