Surrealism Art: Seven Famous Surrealist Artists And Their Most Iconic Paintings

Published January 22, 2012
Updated August 1, 2019
Published January 22, 2012
Updated August 1, 2019

Iconic Surrealist Paintings: The Red Tower, Giorgio de Chirico

Giorgio de Chirico The Red Tower Painting

Even though he worked as a painter prior to Surrealism’s inception, the works of Greek painter Giorgio de Chirico’s had a great and lasting influence on the surrealist movement.

In fact, Surrealism’s most salient proponents like Max Ernst, Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and Yves Tanguy all acknowledged Chirico’s impact on their own work, particularly regarding Chirico’s use of color and composition to reflect brooding moods. The Red Tower was his first painting and became one of the most iconic surrealist paintings.

The Elephant Celebes, Max Ernst

The Elephant Celebes By Max Ernst

This 1921 surrealist painting is among the most famous of Ernst’s earlier works and heavily mimics the style of Giorgio de Chirico.

The Most Iconic Surrealist Paintings: Reply to Red, Yves Tanguy

Famous Surrealist Art Reply To Red

Yves Tanguy’s paintings exemplify more nonrepresentational surrealism and show vast, abstract landscapes yet utilize a minimal amount of colors.

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