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Published August 11, 2023

Megalodon tooth found by 13-year-old boy in England, 8,000-year-old dolphin bones unearthed in Scotland, 17th-century grave with anti-vampire countermeasures discovered in Poland.

A 13-Year-Old Aspiring Paleontologist From Southern England Just Found A Prehistoric Megalodon Tooth

Ben Evans With Megalodon Tooth

Jason Evans“We were just looking on the beach for little shark teeth,” said Ben Evans’ father Jason, “not expecting to find anything big.”

A gargantuan prehistoric shark 12 times the size of T. rex, the megalodon could reach up to 67 feet long and had razor-sharp teeth as large as bananas that easily tore through massive prey like whales and dolphins. Perhaps the most fearsome predator to ever live on planet Earth, the megalodon could have swallowed the great white whole.

Now, a 13-year-old fossil hunter from southern England just uncovered a tooth that once belonged to one of these formidable beasts. While on a trip to England’s fossil-rich “Jurassic Coast” with his dad, aspiring paleontologist Ben Evans uncovered a four-inch tooth that could date back as far as 20 million years.

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A Scottish Man Finds 8,000-Year-Old Dolphin Bones While Digging A Backyard Pool For His Kids

Paul McDonald

Mike Day/Saltire News and Sport Ltd.Paul McDonald posing with the dolphin bones recovered from his backyard.

When 44-year-old Paul McDonald began digging out a swimming pool for his children in his backyard, he didn’t expect to find anything buried there — let alone 8,000-year-old dolphin bones. Yet, that is exactly what he found.

“I was digging away in the swimming pool when I caught something unusual,” McDonald said. “I rolled it back and came down and pulled it out. I saw the roundness of the skull and then saw the snout and teeth, and I knew right away it was a dolphin.”

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This 17th-Century Child’s Grave Was Just Discovered In Poland With Several Anti-Vampire Countermeasures

Polish Vampire Discovery

Nicolaus Copernicus UniversityThe “vampire child” was found face down and padlocked, both measures to prevent rising from the grave.

Near the village of Pień, Poland, archaeologists from Nicolaus Copernicus University recently uncovered the remains of a 17th-century “vampire” child, buried face down with an “anti-vampire” padlock around its ankle.

Archaeologists believe the child was likely aged around five to seven at the time of their death and padlocked as part of a superstitious belief that it would prevent the dead from rising from their grave.

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