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Published December 8, 2023

Mummies with "false heads" found in Peru, prehistoric cave dwelling uncovered in Spain, medieval coin with the face of Jesus unearthed in Norway.

1,000-Year-Old Wari Mummies Wearing “False Heads” Uncovered In Peru

Peruvian Mummy Burial Site

PUCP Archaeology ProgramBuried in an extensive cemetery at the foot of the Wari’s sacred Painted Temple, these 73 bodies were found inside ritual funerary bundles known as “fardos,” with some individually wrapped and others sealed inside larger bundles along with family members.

Dozens of mummies were just uncovered at a 1,000-year-old Wari cemetery in Peru. All 73 corpses were bundled with fabric and rope, much of it colorful and decorative, while some were wearing eerie death masks made of wood and ceramic known as “false heads.” Due to the tightly-wrapped bundles and the adobe walls protecting the site, these mummies remain astonishingly well preserved even after a millennium.

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Archaeologists In Spain Just Found A Largely Intact Cave Dwelling That Dates Back To The Stone Age

La Garma Cave Complex

PROYECTO LA GARMA/GOBIERNO DE CANTABRIAThis cave dwelling offers an extraordinary look at human life during the Stone Age.

Some 16,000 years ago, a landslide rumbled down a slope and blocked off the entrance of Spain’s La Garma cave complex, an intricate network of passageways that snakes across several underground levels. Now, archaeologists exploring the complex have come across an area of the cave that was used as a dwelling by prehistoric humans 16,800 years ago.

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Rare Byzantine Gold Coin Depicting The Face Of Jesus Discovered By Metal Detectorist In Norway

Norway Jesus Coin

Martine Kaspersen, Innlandet FylkeskommuneThough found in Norway, the coin was minted some 1,600 miles away in the Byzantine Empire.

Around 1,000 years ago, a remarkable gold coin with a depiction of Jesus Christ somehow made its way from the Byzantine Empire to Norway. Lost for centuries, it was just found by a metal detectorist in Vestre Slidre, a mountainous region in Norway’s Innlandet County known for skiing.

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