This Week In History News, May 7 – 13

Published May 12, 2023

Ancient sunken road discovered near Croatia, Stone Age dagger found in Norway, mass grave from 7,000 years ago unearthed in Oman.

7,000-Year-Old Road That Once Linked Two Neolithic Settlements Found On The Floor Of The Mediterranean

Sunken Road From 7000 Years Ago

University of ZadarThe road was likely constructed by the mysterious Hvar people, a Neolithic civilization that inhabited the eastern Adriatic until approximately 2500 B.C.E.

A 7,000-year-old sunken road was just discovered by divers at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. Though it’s located right off the southern coast of Croatia at a depth of only 13 feet, the road went unnoticed since the Stone Age. The road’s stone slabs have remained in near-perfect condition for millennia because it was protected from waves and erosion by the surrounding islands.

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An Eight-Year-Old Girl In Norway Just Found A Dagger From The Stone Age Outside Her School

Girl Who Found Stone Age Dagger

Vestland County MunicipalityElise, the eight-year-old Norwegian girl who discovered the Stone Age dagger outside of her school.

A young girl in Norway made a remarkable discovery while playing outside near her school — a 3,700-year-old flint dagger crafted during the Stone Age.

The eight-year-old, identified only as Elise, said in, “I was going to pick up a piece of glass, and then the stone was there. It was nice.”

Excited by the find, Elise showed the stone object to her teacher, Karen Drange. Dragne noted, however, that the nearly five-inch-long object was no mere stone — in fact, it looked ancient.

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Archaeologists In Oman Just Uncovered A Mass Grave From 7,000 Years Ago

Tomb Opening In Oman

Institute of Archaeology of the CAS in Prague Archaeologists found that the tomb contained “at least several dozen” ancient skeletons.

Ten years ago, satellite photos picked up some curious images in the middle of the Omani desert. Now, a team of archaeologists from the Czech Republic’s Institute of Archaeology has investigated the site and uncovered — among other things — a Neolithic tomb from 7,000 years ago.

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