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Published October 13, 2023

Ancient Greek trident found in Turkey, stage where Shakespeare performed uncovered in England, Roman "Tomb of Cerberus" discovered in Italy.

An Ancient Greek Trident Was Just Found In The Remains Of An Iron Age City On The Aegean Sea

Ancient Trident Found In Assos Turkey

AABecause artifacts made of iron decay rapidly, discoveries like this one are exceedingly rare, making this the first find of its kind in the region.

Archaeologists in Turkey just uncovered an ancient Greek trident among the ruins of an Iron Age city on the Aegean coast. Made of iron in the third or fourth century C.E., this trident was pulled from the ruins of the Nymphaion, a once-grand fountain situated at the center of the city of Assos and used to distribute water via a series of aqueducts. As depicted in ancient murals, residents of Assos would use tridents like these to fish in the dead of night with the help of torches.

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Stage Where Shakespeare Allegedly Performed Uncovered In England

Stage Where Shakespeare Performed

Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West NorfolkThe old floorboards were discovered beneath several other layers at St. George’s Guildhall.

The plays of William Shakespeare have been performed on thousands of stages across the world. But the 15th-century stage recently uncovered at St. George’s Guildhall in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, is something special because experts believe that Shakespeare performed on it himself.

“Experts are now confidently saying these are the floorboards Shakespeare would have trodden,” Tim FitzHigham, the site’s creative director, told The Guardian. “It makes this building important nationally and internationally.”

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This 2,000-Year-Old “Tomb Of Cerberus” Adorned With Mythological Frescoes Was Just Discovered In Italy

Tomb Of Cerberus

Superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts, and LandscapeThe tomb was designated the “Tomb of Cerberus” after the incredible mural of Hercules fighting the three-headed dog that guarded the underworld.

Archaeologists have discovered an incredibly well-preserved tomb in Italy featuring a collection of stunning frescoes spanning Roman mythology. The sealed tomb was discovered in Giugliano, a suburb of Naples, and dates back approximately 2,000 years.

Archaeologists carefully removed the ceiling tiles to get into the tomb, where they found an “unprecedented” and “indescribable” discovery. “The tomb has frescoed ceilings and walls in perfect condition, with mythological scenes that go all around the room,” said Mariano Nuzzo, the superintendent of Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape for the Naples metropolitan area.

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