25 Totally Weird Cars From All Over The World

Published February 26, 2014
Updated August 7, 2019

Take a tour of weird cars from all over the world, including ridiculous banana cars, upside down buses, a Mercedes covered in diamonds and the world's first flying car.

Weird Cars

Source: All Deaf

Talk about bizarre. From gold-plated vehicles to fancy, pink Barbie cars to a Volkswagen “bug” with eight long legs, we’ve compiled a collection of the wackiest, weirdest cars from all over the world. Be sure to browse the complete gallery—it is sure to make your current car look, well, boring.

Weird Cars That Look Like Animals

VW Beetle

Source: Meh.Ro

TaskRabbit Car

Source: Mashable

Cars That Look Like Food

Funny Oscar Meyer Wiener Car

Source: Flickr

Awesome Banana Car

Source: Be Car Chic

Interesting Cars Of The Future

Invisible Car

Source: Flickr

Incredibly Expensive And Weird Cars

Glow-in-the-dark Car

Source: GolfMK

Cars That Are Just Plain Bizarre

Weird Car Looks Like Shoe

Source: Walldose

Weird Car Covered in Stuffed Animals

Source: Wikipedia

Weird Cars and Trucks

Source: Baba Pandey

Colorful and Weird Princess Car

Source: Flickr

Awesome Car Made From Legos

Source: FAI

The Real-Life Batmobile

Scooby Doo Real Life Mystery Machine

Source: Wikipedia

Weird, Scary And Everything In Between

Scary And Weird Car

Source: Flickr

Antique Abandoned Car

Source: Mi9.com

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