19 Zombie Mythology Facts To Blow Your Mind

Published October 15, 2015
Updated January 31, 2024

Just in time for World Zombie Day, enjoy these nineteen zombie facts to really wrap your braaaaains around.

Zombie Facts

The recipe for a modern-day zombie is a healthy dose of folklore, a dash of science, and a heavy sprinkling of entertainment value.

One of the most terrifying entities in the world of fiction, what we today call “The Walking Dead” has origins in folklore from several different cultures – dating back to Mesopotamia and even the Bible. Just in time for World Zombie Day (October 17th), here are 19 facts about zombies to wrap your braaaains around:

Zombie Facts

Facts About Zombies

Haitian Folklore

Zombie Face

Cool Facts About Michonne

Zombie Apocalypse

Facts About Zombies The Bible

I Am Legend

White Zombie

Night Of The Living Dead Fact

Kyra Schon
Source: Wikipedia

Facts About The Undead

Return Of The Living Dead

Zombie Facts About Brains
Source: Tristen West

Shaun Of The Dead

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