You Won’t Believe These 30 Items Came From A 3D Printer

Published July 20, 2014
Updated February 27, 2024

15. Bike Helmet

3D Printed Prototype

Source: Gigaom

16. High-Heeled Shoes

High Heeled Shoes From Printer

Source: Continuum

17. Chocolate

18. Nylon Bracelet

19. Certified Parts for Military Aircrafts

Military Aircraft Parts

Source: AIN

20. Prosthetic Parts

3D Printer Changes Man's Life

Source: Gizmodo

21. Customized Shoes

22. Realistic Sculptures

Sculpture From 3D Printer

Source: Ponoko

23. Structured Mobiles

24. Replacement Ear

25. Wearable Art

26. Miniature Replica of Yourself

3D Replica of Humans

Source: CRI English

27. Spare Parts

Printed Spare Parts

Source: CNCCookbook

28. Prosthetic Duck Foot

3D Printed Duck Foot

Source: Ponoko

29. More Shoes

3D Printed Shoes Free Download

Source: Design Milk

30. Pizza

3D Printed Pizza

Source: Grist

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