29 Raw Images Of The 1990s Rave Scene At Its Zenith

Published September 19, 2016
Updated August 15, 2017

In the early 1990s, a nascent culture coalesced around electronic dance music and their concerts, referred to commonly as raves. Home to eclectic and diffuse genres like house, trance, and techno, the rave scene evolved into a subculture bound together with a distinctive ethos, a unique fashion sensibility and an adventurous spirit to drug use, particularly ecstasy.

The drug’s popularization, along with the clandestine nature of rave parties, would bring ravers even closer to one another over the years. Indeed, the mantra “Peace Love Unity Respect,” better known as PLUR, underpinned what ravers sought in each other and in the raves themselves. Below, we look at twenty-nine engrossing images of the underground rave scene as it grew throughout the 1990s:

Rave Scene
90s Rave Fashion
Peace Signs
29 Raw Images Of The 1990s Rave Scene At Its Zenith
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And we'd be remiss if we didn't share a couple of our favorite videos from some 1990s raves:

And if you enjoyed these photographs from the birth of rave culture, check out our other galleries on Woodstock 1969 and the rise of the New York Punk scene.

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