37 Eerie Scenes Of Abandoned Places Across The UK

Published August 16, 2016
Updated November 18, 2019

These eerie scenes of abandoned places around the UK reveal the ghosts of its industrial past and the looming specter of its uncertain future.

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37 Eerie Scenes Of Abandoned Places Across The UK
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For those of us outside the United Kingdom, the tide of "Brexit" headlines that dominated the news cycle this spring were often perplexing, likely for one of two reasons.

You either weren't exactly sure what "Brexit" meant, what exactly the European Union was, and why anyone might want to leave it. Or you had a decent handle on all of those concepts but couldn't conceive of the U.K. voters who would actually vote to leave the E.U.

Before the vote, the cosmopolitan, left-leaning, largely London-based British press consistently warned that leaving the E.U. would prove disastrous for the U.K.

After the vote, with the majority in favor of leaving the E.U., both the British press and much of the international media then questioned how the hell this happened -- over and over and over again.

And a big part of the reason why it happened -- and why so many were so shocked when it did -- is that the U.K. voters who did vote in favor of leaving are precisely not the people whose voices are often heard on the national, let alone the international, stage.

Those voters largely hailed from the relatively ignored swathe of central England known as the Midlands. More to the point, those voters were largely working class.

And the industrial and manufacturing base that once sustained the working class across the Midlands and many other areas of England outside of London is now, for the most part, gone.

Countless factories and housing projects once home to those who labored in them now sit abandoned and decrepit. This is the England that has long been neglected.

And, as the Guardian wrote just days after the Brexit vote came in, "The neglected suddenly discovered they could use their EU referendum vote to get back at those who had never listened to their grievances."

The photos above illuminate the striking neglect of certain sections of the U.K. -- and perhaps why the E.U. didn't seem like a partnership worth keeping.

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